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Why HAM?

HAM addresses employees’ core competencies, current strengths and skill gaps to ensure they are  better contributors, improve employee engagement and help organizations retain the best. HAM helps organizations understand who has what competencies and how to combine complementary strengths within a team to generate value.

Why quantify the impact of Employee Engagement?

We consider your employees to be your company’s primary asset generating the ideas that ensure the success of your company and believe that when the employee engagement practices involved are measured, they are more easily integrated into a business strategy and have a positive effect on competitiveness.

Without quantifying, it can be hard to manage your employees potential. Your success is too important to let this slip under the radar!

hams approach pic 2How does HAM separate itself?

Our approach to the engagement process.

  • Listen & Define: Listen to what is important and real to the client. Understand the current state through Organizational Discovery in an open discussion
  • Conceptualize & Analyze: Frame the true root issue. Thus identifying the Gaps required to move the organization to the future state.
  • Improve, Control & Measure: Close the Gap equipping clients with tools to sustain. Give the client outcomes and results.

HAM's service focuses on talent development, organizational strategies, and sales and marketing improvement. These strategies result in our clients building and strengthening their talent pipeline, their organization and their customer relationships.

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