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Our Services

How We Engage With Our Clients

HAM believes processes are important. They are important because they describe how things are done and then provides the focus for making them better and how they are done determines how successful the outcomes will be. HAM focuses on the right processes, in the right way, so that we can design our way to success. Our goal is to deliver sustainable client experience.

Human Asset Management expertise and process

Human Assets Management is here to address your company problems and create a customized solution. With a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in human capital management, our team of subject matter experts will work with you to not only keep the integrity of your company, but transform your workforce. 

Why HAM?

Human Asset Management Process

Our Approach

Our process is what sets us apart and creates a connection between HAM and our clients. When working with clients, we put their needs first. We want to understand the current state through organizational discovery and use that to frame the true root of the issue. HAM will identify the gaps required to move the organization to the future and close the gap. 


Doing more for the organizations that we serve

Strategic Advisory 

We help you design and implement a talent strategy that supports your business plan, establishes your competitive advantage, and supports your organization's strategic objectives. This includes workforce planning for both short-term needs as well as longer-term startegies and plans to mitigate or even eliminate those risk areas.

We utilize your data and build a strategy from the group up that focuses on the hiring process, on-boarding process, training and development, perfromance management, and system and process alignment.

Culture Building 

We start with a 360 review and a culture assessment that documents your current state, future state, and gaps to get you where you're trying to go. We then talk candidly with you and your team about how to shift your culture. HAM believes that developing a strong culture can enhance trust and cooperation within your team. HAM can help get everyone on the same page, so that team members contribute to more efficient decision-making.

Our training resources that can help you build your culture:​

- Change management (leaders, managers, employees

- Build trust among the team 

- Effective communication

- Performance Management 

- Strategic Planning

- Succession Planning

Talent Development & Retention

Using Predicitve Index methodologies we develop workforce scenarios so you can make informed decisions regarding your workforce needs. We collaborate with Senior Leadership sharing talent market trends, helping key stakeholders get aligned on your hiring strategies, retention tactics, and succession planning. It starts with your recruiting strategy that HAM can help you create to get the hires that you want. By leveraging marketing insights and intelligence we help you identify the talent you need to support your short and long-term business strategy  

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