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The HAM Team

Our Subject Matter Experts

At Human Asset Management, we transcend traditional consulting roles to become your culture architects. Our team is dedicated to crafting dynamic work environments where your employees thrive, enabling your organization to reach new heights.

Cultural Architect and Innovation Catalyst 

Marion Gilbert Wells

Marion Wells is a certified talent specialist, who specializing in talent optimization services through predictive index science-based methodologies. With a wealth of experience, Marion holds several board positions, including a position with MoldMakingTechnology and the University of Wisconsin Madison Material Engineering Department Executive Advisory Board. As a passionate speaker, she shares insights at industry conferences on enhancing workforce culture and productivity. With over 10 years’ of industry expertise and knowledge Marion helps organizations navigate the complex challenges of managing a diverse and evolving, inclusive workforce.

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Executive Leadership Lead

Greg Wells

Greg has deep steel industry knowledge and specializes in manufacturing, allowing him to use his knowledge to the benefit of the organization. Greg meets with his clients to understand the challenges they may be facing, as well as the goals and needs they have focused on strategic insights and decision-making. Greg plays an active role in executing plans and strategies, utilizing his expertise to solve specific problems. In his role at HAM, Greg designs, prioritizes, and leads the implementation of key strategic initiatives and special projects, working closely with a wide range of cross functional stakeholders. 

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Continuous Improvement Lead

Tim Hajduk

Tim Hajduk is currently a Senior Consultant for Human Asset Management and a Principle TRH Quality and Continuous Improvement LLC since December 2022. . HIs diverse technical and transactional background makes him ideal to develop effective strategies for continuous improvement to drive growth, teach, coach, and train an organization to enable them to achieve their goals. In his role at HAM Tim plans ways for organization to implement and improve its process. Tim leads the assessment team to identify weak spots of an organization and designs solutions to resolve their problems.

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Marketing and Communications Intern

Catarina Hernandez

Catarina Hernandez is a graduating senior from DePaul University with a degree in Digital Marketing and Business Management. Catarina started with HAM in January 2024 and has been a great addition to the team. She deals with all social media marketing and communications as well as our cheerleader. Her background in digital has helped HAM expand their branding and grow our followers.

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What We Believe

In today's competitive environment, collaborate and partnering is vital across a multitude of industries and interest areas. HAM's ability to partner and collaborate internally within an organization for strategy success is how are clients succeed. Our goal is to create an outstanding customer experience by leveraging our strategic alliances and partnerships in the HAM network. This allows us to offer a broader range of expertise to our client by bringing their strength to the project. 

HAM has over 10 years of experience partnering with strategic alliance to tackle complex, high-stake projects and collaborate to deliver amazing results. We believe that the success for a company lies within and we are here to help you bring that out in your employees and carry that throughout all elements of your company.

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