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Workplace transformation with limitless potential

Reigniting your employees' passions, talents, and sense of purpose


Doing more for the organizations that we serve

Talent Development & Retention

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for any organization's success. Talent development and retention services help business achieve this by providing a comprehensive approach to employee growth and satisfaction.

Strategic Advisory

We offer a specialized consulting service that empowers organizations to navigate complex challenges and achieve their desired outcomes, completely tailored to each organizations needs




Cultural Building

Ham is here to to help organizations cultivate and nurture a positive and productive work environment. Through tailored strategies and initiatives, such services aim to strengthen employee engagement, foster collaboration, and align organizational values with everyday practices.

What We Do

At Human Asset Management, we partner closely with organizations to implement tailored talent strategies effectively. Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional customer experiences through strategic collaborations and alliances within the HAM network. By leveraging these partnerships, we enhance our ability to provide clients with a comprehensive spectrum of expertise, amplifying their strengths, and effectiveness of their projects.

HAM has over 10 years experience partnering with strategic alliances to tackle complex, high stakes projects and collaborate to deliver amazing results. 

Client Testimonials 

"As a new hiring manager, working with HAM consultant Marion Wells, was a great benefit. Her knowledge of the company goals and initiatives accelerated my onboarding experience. Meetings were focused and productive. What really stood out with HAM, is their commitment, relationship building, professionalism, and follow-up. They are not the typical consultants that ask a lot of questions which result in somewhat meaningless report. Their combined industry knowledge and partnership approach paired with their excellent follow-up strategy is a rewarding experience for their customers."

- Sheree Stoner 

Customer Service Manager at Schuler Inc.


"I consider Marion at HAM , an engineering mastermind of business and employee development. Her expertise in relationship building allows her to run a diagnostic on the organizational culture and provide invaluable recommendations to jumpstart growth. Time and time again her acute sense of identifying the correct roadmap for success has been spot on. I don't know how many times I've said to myself 'Marion was right'. I highly recommend HAM if you are looking to prepare your organization for the future of business development. A worthwhile investment indeed."

 - Genevieve L. Dantzler 

CEO at Arnold Fastening System


"Marion Wells of Human Asset Management was tremendous to work with. Moving into a new position myself, our training session, "Customer-Focused Selling" was extremely effective. Marion did an outstanding job researching our company's strategies and goals and relaying that information in a professional, organized agenda with deep knowledge of the industry. The training was presented with professionalism, expertise, genuine care, and direction with key emphasis on the customer's objectives, effective communication skills, obstacles turned into opportunities, and eventually applying what you have learned."

- Meggin Kovich 

Senior Sales Administrator at Clips & Clamps Industries 

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